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Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD, has advanced expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery of the eyes and face. He has combined the knowledge from the four pillars of facial aesthetic medicine including ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology-head & neck surgery, and plastic surgery to create an institute devoted solely to research, innovation, and mastery of treatments for facial health and beauty.

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About Us

Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD FACS FRCSC is a Royal College and Board-certified Eye Surgeon (Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery) that specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgical and non-surgical procedures of the eyelids, brows, and face. He is the founding medical director of Eye Face Institute (EFI). Dr. Gill is unique as one of a handful of surgeons with highly focused expertise in ophthalmology (eye microsurgery) and aesthetic facial plastic surgery and he performs over 1,500 procedures each year.

Eye Face Institute (EFI) is a centre of excellence exclusively committed to health and beauty of the eyes and face. Our mission is to provide only those treatments which have consistently demonstrated natural, safe, and measurable results while upholding the highest ethical standards as mandated by our sworn Hippocratic Oath. The team of surgeons and researchers at EFI is dedicated to continuous innovation and mastery of a full range of facial aesthetic treatments including customized skin care, injectables, laser resurfacing, and plastic surgery of the eyelids and face. 

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EFI Procedures

EFI remains at the forefront of new products and services in the facial aesthetics field by actively seeking the highest quality medical research from institutes around the world. It is the mandate of EFI to provide only those treatments that demonstrate consistent, safe, and measurable results to our clients. Here are the 5 main procedure segments we currently specialize in:

Eyelid Rejuvenation
Facial Rejuvenation
MD Results™ Skincare System
Removal of Eyelid and Facial Lesions
Radiant Eyes, Radiant Face™ Protocol

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