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An unwavering commitment to restoring facial vitality & radiance

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An unwavering commitment to restoring facial vitality & radiance

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

During youth, facial structures are typically well-suspended with clear, healthy skin, great projection and distribution of natural fat pockets, and absence of shadowing, wrinkles, or age spots. Unfortunately, over time, the bony structures start to shrink, tendons start to loosen, fat pads begin to deflate and or herniate forward under the skin in depressed locations, and the skin bears the brunt of wear-and-tear from the environment resulting in poor elasticity, decreased collagen, wrinkles, visible blood vessels, and discoloration. Facial rejuvenation is the process of utilizing principles of aesthetic medicine to restore youthful anatomy.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for facial rejuvenation?

Over time, many of the anatomical structures of the face including bone, muscle, soft tissue, tendons, fascia, and skin become more stretched, shrunken, and descended to varying degrees. We call this process “the aging face”. During the 3rd decade of life, changes around the eyes are the first to become evident, including hooding, dark circles, fine lines, and deeper wrinkles. These deeper folds tend to worsen after each passing decade with further deflation and descent of facial fat pockets, more prominent nasolabial folds, skin changes, and eventually a sagging neck with loss of contours around the jawline. The forehead and brows also fall with more hooding and skin covering the eyes. If any of these changes associated with the aging face concern you, there are a number of potential surgical and non-surgical treatment options that will help. During your consultation, we will review all options available to meet your unique needs.

What are the non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

These include medical-grade skincare (i.e. MD Results™ Skincare System), chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, radiofrequency tightening, botulinum toxin (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) injections, and dermal filler (eg. Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra) injections. These interventions are best used for early aging changes, for prevention, or for maintenance. A great non-surgical option to improve the health and vitality of the entire face is the Radiant Eyes, Radiant Face™ Protocol

What are the surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

These include resuspension of descended tissues with a minimally-invasive thread lift technique versus more permanent fixation by surgical facelift. Volumization options include fat-grafting and fat-transfer techniques. Specifically, structures such as the eyebrows/forehead, eyelids, mid-face, chin, and or neck can be operated upon to achieve harmonized facial contours that are natural and youthful.

How long will the results last after facial rejuvenation?

When thinking about how long any given intervention “lasts”, it’s important to understand the aging process. Surgical resuspension using a full facelift, neck lift, forehead lift, or blepharoplasty will essentially “turn the clock back” anywhere from 5-15 years, but the aging process will still continue. In other words, depending on each patient’s unique genetics and lifestyle choices, the aging process will proceed at variable rates and this will determine how long the results will “last”. The non-surgical facial rejuvenation options discussed in Question 2 are used to extend/delay this aging process for prevention and maintenance. In other words, younger patients in their 20s to 40s can use these to delay the aging changes while the older patients who have undergone more permanent facial surgery can use them to extend the benefits of their procedure over time.  

How much does facial rejuvenation cost?

This is very difficult to answer with precision because of the large number of treatment options available. At EFI, our guiding principle is to deliver much more value to you than what you invest in terms of time and money. Our surgeons will present you with all potential options from least to most invasive and their respective risks versus benefits. Our Procedural Coordinator will then clearly outline the costs involved and you can decide which option resonates most with your goals and comfort level.

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