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Anatomy 101

During your 50s, 60s, and beyond, there are inevitable aging changes that often disproportionately impact certain areas of your face more than others. Even those of us with the best genes, who look much younger than others our own age, start to notice the skin starting to sag, wrinkles appearing, scattered pigmentation to varying degrees and soft tissues deflating or migrating downwards into the neck. This is due to decreased skin cell turnover, loss of collagen, thinning skin, deflation of fat, loss of muscle tone, and loss of bone volume. For some, what was once a face-shape consistent with a base-up triangle (i.e. an upside down triangle) has transformed into a base-down triangle (i.e. the face is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top). This base-down triangle shape is due to falling facial tissues that create jowling and neck fullness. Additional aging changes may include: 

  • forehead expansion (hairline migrates upwards) 
  • forehead drooping  
  • eyebrow deflation with loss of shape and position 
  • eyelid drooping (ptosis)  
  • eyelid hooding due to excessive skin 
  • eyelid shadowing from fat loss or migration back into the orbit 
  • eyelid tendon stretching causing eyelids to either flop away (ectropion) or turn inwards (entropion) 
  • eyelid bags or dark circles 
  • nasal tip drooping 
  • ear shape change from cartilage growth 
  • mid-face/cheek descent and deflation 
  • formation of deep creases (nasolabial folds, marionette lines) 
  • lip thinning and loss of shape 
  • receding of the jaw and lower facial bones 
  • loss of chin projection and jawline contour 
  • loose neck skin (turkey skin) with vertical neck bands 
  • excessive fat and fullness of the neck 
  • missing teeth, receding gum lines 


Goal for the 50+ Age Group

To recreate youthful radiance which looks natural and harmonious based on your unique features.

During your 50s and beyond, it’s important to be truly happy “in your skin”. You have aging changes that have been earned through the highs and lows of life we all experience. Aging gracefully is certainly important for your overall happiness and peace of mind. Nevertheless, for those of you who would like to postpone this aging process and recreate a natural radiance in a safe and effective manner, we can help you.   

When you visit with us at Eye Face Institute, our surgeons will help you understand the nuanced facial aging changes you’re experiencing and devise a customized treatment plan that matches your aesthetic philosophy and values. For non-invasive management options, consider the Radiant Eyes Radiant Face™ Protocol and the MD Results™ Skin Care System

Treatment Options

Healthy Lifestyle

No smoking, nutritious diet, drink enough water, exercise, adequate sleep.   

Sun Protection

Strategies include sun avoidance, wrap-around sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen (UVA & UVB blocker, which should be used all year-round).  

Creams & Lotions

Moisturization is essential. A daily regimen consisting of a quality moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, serums, or antioxidant cream is very effective. [learn more about MD Results™]    

Skin-Strengthening Treatments

Microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive treatment option in suitable candidates to improve skin cell turnover, which decreases fine lines and pigmented spots while boosting collagen production. Radiofrequency (RF) tightening also reduces fine lines and improves skin tone by heating tissue below the skin to improve collagen production.  


For the dynamic lines caused by muscles of facial expression (especially around the eyes and forehead), botulinum toxin (Botox, XeominDysport) is a great option to reduce their severity and improve skin texture. Dermal fillers (e.g. RestylaneJuvedermSculptra, etc.) are used to treat deeper wrinkles or deflation caused by lost collagen and fat. They are also effective in reshaping the lips, nose, jawline, and chin. Although fillers are an excellent option in suitable candidates, we strongly believe the injector must be diligent not to over-fill and draw attention to treated areas. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) can be helpful in suitable candidates for reducing acne and other types of facial scarring. 

Laser Therapy

There are ablative and non-ablative lasers which can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, soften deep wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, treat acne/rosacea, or serve as prevention therapy.   


Droopy upper eyelids (ptosis), excessive eyelid skin (hooding) or eyelid bags, heaviness or descent of the forehead, mid-face, lower-face or neck can be managed with a customized surgical plan consisting of brow lift, blepharoplasty, faceliftneck lift, or less invasive mini-lift options. 

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