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What types of Cosmetic Lip Surgery can be done?

The lips are a capturing facial aesthetic feature and also important functionally because they approximate the delicate structures around the mouth used while speaking and making many nuanced facial expressions. Cosmetic surgery (e.g. lip lift, laser skin resurfacing) can be used to optimize the shape and position of the lips as well as the surrounding skin.  

For men and women, what do “attractive lips” look like?

There are many different lip shapes for both men and women with no absolute “ideal”. Men typically have less lip volume compared with women, but there are variations based on ethnicity and age. In our experience, many women currently desire a lip shape with a well-defined upper vermilion border, a defined arch (cupid’s bow shape) and proportional, full upper and lower lips that highlight the smile. Usually, slightly more volume in the lower lip compared to the upper lip is desirable in women. Absence of vertical lines (i.e. smoker’s lines) around the lips is also desireable.

Can the lips be augmented with cosmetic lip surgery?

Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g. Restylane, Juvederm, etc.) are very effective, minimally-invasive injectables that are the gold standard for lip augmentation and reshaping. Cosmetic lip surgery is not typically performed for the purposes of augmentation.  

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift can improve the signs of facial aging by optimizing the shape and position of the upper lip while also improving the wrinkles and deeper lines above the lip. It is used to enhance the smile by surgically modifying the soft tissues located between the base of the nose to the upper lip.

Is reconstructive surgery of the lips performed at Eye Face Institute?

Yes, reconstructive surgery of the lips and surrounding structures can be performed to enhance symmetry, proportion and shape. Surgeons can help patients with scarring after prior surgery (e.g. cleft lip), trauma, cancer removal, or complications from prior filler injections.  

Is cosmetic lip surgery painful?

Local nerve blocks and mild sedation are all that is required to make the procedure comfortable. Post-operative swelling for the first 3-7 days after surgery can impact diet and speech to a small degree, but there is minimal pain.  


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