Here’s What Our Patients Say About EFI

This page is dedicated to all of the many testimonials and online reviews we’ve had and continue to receive from our valued patients and clients.

In Office Testimonials

Facebook Reviews

"Yesterday l had a quad 3 snip puntoplasty procedure done. The experience from start to finish was an excellent one. I was put at ease, the procedure went well and both pre and post operative care was clearly explained. Dr. Gill and his staff are always very professional and compassionate. If you are lucky enough to be referred here, you are in great hands."

Catherine N Daryl - RATING GIVEN - ★★★★★
Facebook Review - Submitted March 17th 2018

RateMD Online Reviews

"Dr Gill performed Ptosis surgery on me. The clinic ran on time.He is exceptionally polite and knowledgeable. His bedside manner is outstanding.He explained the procedure and was very attentive for the follow up. I can not say enough about his receptionist also. Katie she was very attentive and polite and answered all my questions. The whole experience was positive."

RateMD - Submitted March 6th 2017

"Dr. Gill is the most caring, knowledgeable and professional doctor I have ever met!! He is simply amazing! His diagnosis was on point and his treatment plan was excellent. He follows up with me after surgery and made sure my recovery is going well. His office is always filled with patients which is to show how he has created trust and confidence in so many people. Dr. Gill's staff are very attentive, always have a smile on their faces. His surgery assistant is a sweetheart and very approachable. Katie patiently answered my never ending pre- and post-surgery questions and would consult Dr. Gill and get back to me promptly."

RateMD - Submitted May 13th 2017

"I just want to share my experience. I was referred as an urgent patient to Dr.Gill for Episcleritis. When I walked in the office is full of patients, it's like your at a bus station, but waiting time is worth it believed me. Dr.Gill prescribed me a medication to treat the redness, swelling, and other symptoms of eye inflammation, I understand that this may take several weeks for it to clear, and also Dr.Gill ordered a CT scan for me to check if there is more in need to be treated. I really thank Dr.Gill for his help and concerns, he is companionate and understands patient concerns. Dr.Gill is the best doctor I ever had. I also want to thank his staff, they are very helpful. Brenda is communicating with me since day 1, she is very efficient, pay attention and gets back to me with information I need, following up with my CT scan appointment etc., she's good at what she does, awesome! "I wish other doctor offices to have the same staff as Dr.Gill !! I know that my diagnoses is unresolved yet and still on a process, but I am very Happy that I was referred to Dr.Gill and I will definitely 101 % will refer Dr. Harmeet Gill to everyone."

RateMD - Submitted July 9th 2017

Google Online Reviews

"I had a very tremendous upmost honour to meet Dr. gill 2 years ago referred by Dr.Loyd. Had my eye lids surgery and Dr. gill was very very unique and calm and very very psssionate in what he does best to make his patients happy. He is very handsome and very very polite that makes u want to go back fir other surgeries to come. I would recommend any other patient to visit him and have s delightful discovery on whom Dr. gill is thank u Dr. gill in making me look beautiful always an honour seeing u in the future"

Mary Lombardo - RATING GIVEN - ★★★★★
Google Review - Submitted May 2018

"I saw Dr. Gill for my chronic migraine headaches. He was thorough, professional and empathetic. My appointment was very quick and his staff were very friendly and helpful. I am so happy with my results and would recommend Dr. Gill to anyone!"

Klaudia Jumaa - RATING GIVEN - ★★★★★
Google Review - Submitted November 2018

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