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About Eye Face Institute

Eye Face Institute (EFI) is a centre of excellence exclusively committed to health and beauty of the eyes and face. Our mission is to provide only those treatments which have consistently demonstrated natural, safe, and measurable results while upholding the highest ethical standards as mandated by our sworn Hippocratic Oath. The team of surgeons and researchers at EFI is dedicated to continuous innovation and mastery of a full range of facial aesthetic treatments including customized skin care, injectables, laser resurfacing, and plastic surgery of the eyelids and face. Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD FACS FRCSC is the founding medical director of EFI. He and his team of eye surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, nurses, and medical aestheticians are dedicated to providing consistent, exceptional care during your treatments with us.

We believe that the eyes and face are your most capturing aesthetic feature because they can instantly convey health, vitality and allow you to engage confidently and express your natural charm and energy when interacting with others. Our primary goal is to promote healthy, glowing skin with a clear complexion that radiates this health and vitality. Each treatment plan is customized to your unique needs and desired results, while carefully considering individual factors such as age, gender, skin type, and lifestyle.

Meet Dr. Gill

Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD FACS FRCSC is a Royal College and Board-certified Eye Surgeon (Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery) that specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgical and non-surgical procedures of the eyelids, brows, and face. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and consultant surgeon at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Gill is committed to providing exceptional, natural results catered to the customized needs of each individual while ensuring the treatment experience is relaxed and enjoyable.

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Our Philosophy

We live by the golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. For us, this means adding tremendous value to our patients and clients to improve their health and quality of life. Eye Face Institute (EFI) offers the full range of facial aesthetic treatments from basic and advanced skincare, to injectables and lasers, to a broad range of surgical interventions. Each treatment plan is customized to the goals, medical history, and desired results for each patient. 

The founding Medical Director of EFI, Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD, has advanced expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery of the eyes and face. He has combined the knowledge from the four pillars of facial aesthetic medicine including ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology-head & neck surgery, and plastic surgery to create an institute devoted solely to research, innovation, and mastery of treatments for facial health and beauty.

EFI remains at the forefront of new products and services in the facial aesthetics field by actively seeking the highest quality medical research from institutes around the world. It is the mandate of EFI to provide only those treatments that demonstrate consistent, safe, and measurable results to our clients.

North Toronto Clinic & Surgical Centre

Eye Face Institute is located in the prestigious Hullmark Centre at 4789 Yonge Street, Suite 316 in beautiful Toronto.

Meet Our Talented Team Of Surgeons

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Our Administrative Team

Front Desk Patient Flow Coordinator – available to answer questions and to assist you in scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors or medical aestheticians.  

Surgical & Procedural Coordinator– will assist you in scheduling your procedure and will act as a liaison and resource during the entire process from beginning to end. This includes reviewing the necessary steps to ensure you are appropriately prepared in addition to outlining what to expect on the day of your procedure and how to recover optimally based on your unique needs.   

Operations Manager – ensures that the individual needs of each and every one of our clients are understood and that EFI not only meets but rather exceeds your expectations!

Our EFI Cosmetic Procedures

Radiant Eyes, Radiant Face ™ Protocol

The Radiant Eyes, Radiant Face ™ Protocol is an integrated, non-invasive, medical-grade facial therapy which helps your eyes and face look and feel rested and rejuvenated with minimal downtime. It is exclusively available at Eye Face Institute.  
The protocol consists of 5 key steps that have been carefully selected and combined to create measurable results that help with the maintenance and improvement of the health and beauty of your eyes and face.  
These 5 steps are: 1. Clear Eyes, 2. Unveil, 3. Deep work, 4. Renew, and 5. Protect. 
Because every individual has unique needs, this protocol has been customized for three levels of care: 1. RERF Refresh, 2. RERF Vitality, and 3. RERF Restore. 

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Eyelid Rejuvenation

The eyes are amongst the most important facial aesthetic features which allow you to communicate, connect, and convey your natural charm. When the eyelids look heavy, droopy, or have dark circles and bags, this can make a person appear sad and fatigued. By contrast, those eyelids that are open, radiant, and well-positioned with aesthetic contours make a person appear alert, energetic, and engaging. Our goal at EFI is to work with you to create and restore natural, aesthetic, and functionally-optimized eyelid anatomy and contour that will convey your vitality and natural charm.   


An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) varies in complexity, but very rarely is it a simple removal of upper eyelid skin alone. More commonly, maneuvers such as repositioning of fat pads, ptosis repair, tendon tightening, canthoplasty, brow-lifting, or lacrimal gland repositioning are also required to achieve the most natural and effective result. Removing the extra skin alone without addressing these other issues can result in a suboptimal outcome (i.e. residual drooping) and increases the risk for surgical complications (i.e. dry eyes, etc.) Previous plastic surgery techniques were subtractive in nature, primarily focusing only on removal of skin and fat. However, this can result in a sunken, hollowed look that does not particularly project youthfulness or beauty.


The EFI philosophy is to preserve and reposition fat pads to improve cheek projection and create a natural, aesthetic lower eyelid-cheek junction. This is because advances in our understanding of facial aging over the past two decades inform us that the tired, aged look actually results from deflation and descent of fat pads, thinning of the skin and connective tissue, loss of bone, and stretching of tendons. The interplay between these factors impacts each individual differently so the surgical plan is carefully customized to address each anatomical area as needed.


Although eyelid surgery is minimally-invasive and safe, some patients may desire non-surgical treatment options. These range from skin tightening creams and chemical peels, to injectable botulinum toxin (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) and filler, to laser resurfacing and radiofrequency tightening. Such non-surgical treatment options can be very effective with minimal downtime in suitable candidates.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Over time, many of the anatomical structures of the face including bone, muscle, soft tissue, tendons, fascia, and skin become more stretched, shrunken, and descended to varying degrees. We call this process “the aging face”. Lifestyle factors (including quality of general health, nutrition, exercise, and sleep), as well as genetic factors, play an important role in determining which specific facial structures will change and to what degree at progressing life stages.


During youth, facial structures are typically well-suspended with clear, healthy skin, great projection and distribution of natural fat pockets, and absence of shadowing, wrinkles, or age spots. Unfortunately, over time, the bony structures start to shrink, tendons start to loosen, fat pads begin to deflate and or herniate forward under the skin in depressed locations, and the skin bears the brunt of wear-and-tear from the environment resulting in poor elasticity, decreased collagen, wrinkles, visible blood vessels, and discoloration.


In some people, the face can change dramatically over time from a “base up triangle” shape during youth to a “base down triangle” in the 5th decade of life or beyond. When considering which treatment option is ideal for you, we must evaluate individual factors such as general health, medications, lifestyle, desired results, and tolerable downtime. There are a host of treatment options available which vary in degree of invasiveness, duration, and depth of treatment. During your consultation, we will review all options available to meet your unique needs.


Minimally-invasive (non-surgical) procedures include skin care regimens, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, radiofrequency tightening, botulinum toxin injections, and filler injections. These interventions typically address more superficial skin-related aging changes and help decrease early deflation and descent of facial fat pads and other soft tissue structures.


A great non-surgical option to improve health and vitality of the entire face is the Radiant Eyes, Radiant Face™ Protocol 


Surgical options include resuspension of descended tissues with a minimally-invasive thread lift technique versus more permanent fixation surgery such as a full-face lift. Volumization options include fat-grafting and fat-transfer techniques. Specifically, structures such as the eyebrows/forehead, eyelids, mid-face, chin, and or neck can be operated upon to achieve harmonized facial contours that are natural and youthful.


Many patients benefit from a customized treatment plan that includes a combination of the various treatment options mentioned above.

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Removal Of Eyelid And Facial Lesions

Eyelid and facial lesions (lumps & bumps) are commonly referred to the oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons at Eye Face Institute. Most of these lesions are benign (i.e. not cancerous) but we also treat a host of more complex cancerous lesions and perform the reconstructive surgery that is often required.


Most facial lesions are removed in our procedure room under local anesthesia during a minimally-invasive, comfortable treatment session.


We also treat lesions that present themselves on more delicate and complex facial structures such as the eyelids, eye surface, eyelid margins, nose, ears, and lips. Some examples of common eyelid lesions include chalazia (styes), epidermal cysts, nevi, and papillomas.

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MD Results ™ Skin Care System

The MD Results™ research team consisting of physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, and chemists has developed an advanced line of skin care products specifically targeted to health and vitality of the eyelids, face, and neck. These products have been customized and regimens developed so that the unique needs of different individuals based on their age, gender, racial background, skin type, and lifestyle are accounted for.


You simply cannot use a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to getting the best possible results from your skin care regimen. Our customized system takes your unique differentiators into account and the regimens reflect these differences. The MD Results™ ethical standard is to use the most natural ingredients possible to achieve measurable results. Clients should not have to wonder whether or not their time and money investment in a skincare regimen is working or not. The results must speak for themselves.


Our commitment to you is to be fully transparent and provide treatment regimens that create real value and measurable results, and are also safe to use on your skin long-term. Over time, your skin will continue to change and so the skin care regimen must be updated accordingly for maximal benefit. The MD Results™ clinical team will help you through this process.


MD Results™ is driven by constant innovation based on up-to-date medical research. We are continuously striving to find the perfect balance between the most natural ingredients that will produce the most measurable results for each of our unique clients’ skin types. This is why the product line is updated regularly based upon current, validated medical research.  


The first phase of MD Results™ customized treatment regimens are now available for pre-order to the general public. We believe in this product line so much that there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completed satisfied with your results.

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